figures from digital exhibits for cultural institutions

9 December 2022

Written by Emily Marsh

Here are all the images used in my book, Creating Digital Exhibits for Cultural Institutions: A Guide, available from Routledge, March 2023.

Figure 1.1

Display of different types of information resources, ordered by their degree of interpretation and amount of analytical predetermination: Thematic Essays, Thematic Research Collections and Critical Editions, Digital Exhibits, Curated Collections, and Search and Discovery Systems.

Figure 2.1

Maryland Historical Society. Museum. (1992-1993). Mining the Museum: ‘Metalwork, 1793-1880.’ [Photograph]. Maryland Center for History and Culture. Baltimore, MD.

Figure 2.2

Graphic showing functions of digital exhibits (identification, display, engagement, interpretation, education, and experience) aligned on a diagonal line, ordered by degree of rhetorical function from object identification to visitor experience

Figure 3.1

Data librarian persona for a scientific data repository

Figure 4.1

A sample of materials discovered during background research for four digital exhibits

Figure 4.2

Wireframe of home page for proposed exhibit on Negro Extension with slideshow of featured items and list of topic areas

Figure 4.3

Exhibit proposal with communication plan

Figure 4.4

Mockup of home page for proposed exhibit on Negro Extension

Figure 5.1

Home page of “Frost on Chickens” exhibit about the poet Robert Frost and poultry farming

Figure 5.2

Home page of “Apron Strings and Kitchen Sinks” exhibit about the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Home Economics

Figure 5.3

Home page of “George Washington Carver” exhibit featuring his technical bulletins

Figure 5.4

Home page of “Mailboxes, Mom and Pop Stands, and Markets: Local Foods Then and Now” exhibit

Figure 5.5

Home page of “Small Agriculture” exhibit

Figure 6.1

Two fictional exhibit communication plans for proposed exhibits on tick control and food waste

Figure 7.1

Different views of object-level metadata for Work Clothes for Women in an exhibit timeline, the “bite,” from a single item view within the exhibit, the “snack,” and from the item’s original Internet Archive record, the “meal”