About Me

Emily Marsh, Ph.D., MLS

I am the author of the book Creating Digital Exhibits for Cultural Institutions: A Guide, published by Routledge and Book and Internet Review editor for the Journal of Agricultural & Food Information. (Please consult this for more information if you would like to submit a review to JAFI.)

I also work for a National Library in the United States. Here is a partial list of projects I have led:

  • digital exhibits: creation & design with Omeka, Scalar, and StoryMaps
  • physical library installations
  • qualitative research
  • heuristic reviews
  • usability tests
  • user persona creation

I have a Ph.D. and a MLS in information science from the iSchool at the University of Maryland. (I am also ABT for a MA in Interaction Design and another in Community Counseling.)

Everything you see on this site reflects my opinions alone.

Email: emily at emily-marsh.com

Twitter: EmilyMarshPhD